As the lyrics of a traditional song go: "Valencia is a land of flowers and light…". Valencia is truly a special city. The Mediterranean light welcomes you from the moment you arrive; the bustling life in its streets and terraces will entice you, and you will be enchanted enjoying the delicious paella on the sea shore; the history and architecture of the city will fascinate you and the unmistakable scent of the orange blossoms and sea salt will be sure to create fond memories. Valencia truly is a city to experience, from the inescapable visits to landmarks like La Lonja, the Central Market, The City of Arts and Sciences and the Veles e Vents. You can take a boat trio to Albufera Natural Park to see the paddy fields, orchards and barrack and sample traditional paella. Take a stroll through the old Turia River Channel, a river that was diverted and turned into a marvelous 12 kilometer park through the center of the city which is popular with tourists and locals alike. Visit the ancient churches to see renaissance paintings, the Basilica, Santa Catalina or the Church which show the richness of Valencian history (locals say that the real Holy Grail is on show in a Valencian church). You can take a test drive on the F1 urban track, or simply travel back in time with a visit to the antique shops and the Plaza Redonda workshops. At night, you can visit one of the authentic Valencia nightclubs and rub shoulders with the locals. If you experience Valencia with Uemura, it will captivate you.