Taipei is much more than “made in Taiwan”. Shining 24 hours a day, Taipei is one of the most vibrant and versatile cities in Asia. It is both traditional and conservative, but at the same time, modern and leading city. Surrounded by mountains you will enjoy tropical vegetation typical of the island and wonderful landscapes where green colour is the main character. It is impossible to feel alone in Taipei with more than 7 million inhabitants, you will feel special in one of the safest metropolises in the world.. Praised for its amazing infrastructure, Taipei owes its touristic wealth partly thanks to its amazing architecture like Qing Dynasty temples or stunning skyscrapers that coexist to form views that delight the senses. Once the sun sets, Taipei glows with neon lights, night markets, restaurants and an environment that makes it easy to lose track of time. You will enjoy the most varied cuisine in Asia, you will taste all kind of flavors and smells, many of them only suitable for the courageous ones. Taipei will make you enjoy Asian essence at its maximum splendor. Worldwide known as a one of the world economic powers, Taipei has the nickname of “The Shopping Paradise” because you will be completely immersed in its numerous night markets and the most famous Asian shopping centers where you will be amazed by the huge variety of products. Uemura and Taipei are blending to create an unforgettable experience. The only thing you have to do is to let yourself be surprised.