Saint Petersburg

Venice of the North

St. Petersburg is often known as the Russian capital of culture or the northern Venice. It is the second largest city in Russia and the third largest in Europe. It was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great and for a long time was the capital of Russia.

Few world cities can be so proud of having so many sights, museums, opera houses and drama theatres, palaces, parks and monuments. Among them, the world famous Hermitage, the Mariinsky Theatre, Kazan Cathedral, the Peterhof Grand Palace, Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood and many others. It is a unique city with its own ingenious atmosphere.

Literary and musical heritage of this city is incredible – a lot of writers, poets and composers worked in this mysterious misty place by the side of Neva. Along with Paris, Rome and Venice, St. Petersburg old city centre is under the patronage of UNESCO. Moreover, here you can find the temples of 42 confessions, including an amazing mosque with a porcelain dome and one of the most beautiful chapels of Malthusian Order.

Well known for its “white nights”, St. Petersburg is also the city of bridges. 68 rivers, channels and lades cross the city in different directions forming 42 islands on its territory. There are 580 bridges in total, including 20 drawbridges in St. Petersburg and its suburbs.

This city is famous for its remarkable atmosphere. Visitors can frequently hear: “Open your heart to the city and it will open for you and will remain in your heart forever”. And it really happens whenever you come to St. Petersburg; no matter whether it rains or the sunshine is ferocious, whether it is sleety or freezing, the city will welcome you warmly. It will shelter you, soothe you and infuse with hope.

In addition to its cultural values, St. Petersburg can boast about its new places. Strolling around here and there you can see trendy bars, stylish restaurants and interesting places which are keeping up with the times and where you will undoubtedly enjoy spending some hours.

Local people are romantic and prefer to leave the fast pace of life to Moscow.  In their spare time, they rather sit in a recently open cozy café in absolute privacy with a book or with a glass of wine, having a nice chat with a close friend.

Being so multilateral, St Petersburg enriches with unforgettable impressions, brings pleasant memories and surprises everyone every single day.