There is more to Athens than just the Parthenon and the Acropolis. It is the perfect combination of history, culture, cuisine and relaxation on idyllic beaches. Athens is city basked in sunlight, well known for its hospitality, excellent food, climate, intense nightlife and traditional dances like “bouzoukia” which continues till sunrise. The fabulous Greek turquoise waters with exotic beaches are just 30 minutes from the city center where you can visit the tourist port of Piraues, or swim to a private beach at Santorini to view one of the most unforgettable sunsets in the world. Visit Arachova and the mountains where celebrities gather in the winter. Indulge in shopping therapy among the luxury boutiques or go shopping for traditional crafts.

Of course, you cannot forget to visit the Acropolis, walk though the picturesque alleyways of Sokakia or wait at the steps of the majestic Poseidon Temple to see how the columns tinge with gold and darken as the sun goes down. You will no doubt want to climb the steps of Lucabeturs, the highest and most central point in the city, the view is a feast for the eyes where you can see the turquoise waters of the sea and the blue sky merge. Uemura is your passport to this world of legend and majesty, it is a fascinating experience.